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Nowhere Man - Infante's Inferno

Mar. 17th, 2012

01:24 pm - Nowhere Man

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I had grand plans to get out and see things this week, but while I did indeed make it out Saturday to see Speaker for the Dead; the Furies; Little War Twins and Bright, the Morning, which was fabulous, work commitments made me fail at getting out to a couple other shows I really wanted to see, particularly the Duende Project CD recording last night in Providence last night. Didn't end up leaving the office until near 8:30 p.m. Argh.

Not all bad, though. I came home to discover my copy of the new issue of Pearl, which includes my poem "When the House Was Burning," as well as great poems by Jan Beatty, Jeff Epley, Frank X. Gaspar, David Hernandez, Donna Hilbert, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Clifton Snider, Fred Voss, Charles Harper Webb and Clint Margrave, among others.

In the "things that I edit" category, I have an essay up today in Pop Culture Notebook called "Words (Sometimes) Have Consequences, where I touch on the strange phenomenon lately about how we talk about ... well ... how we talk, from recent local conversation about the police chief's Twitter account and the blog feud between the InCity Times and Worcester Wonderland, to the uproar over Rush Limbaugh and reactions from The Daily Show, to Amber Tamblyn's hilarious "awareness raps." It covers a pretty large territory, but hopefully people will find it interesting.

Also on Pop Culture Notebook, Jorge Bannister takes a look at the Boston Police Department's ban on moshing at the House of Blues; and I take a look back at Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine."

Over on Radius (which I admit has also been a little slow because of my schedule) we have up we have Rachel McKibbens' thought-provoking "The Male Slam Experience vs The Female Slam Experience," and Jade Sylvan's essay, "Why Queer is the New Straight White Male," along with our signature feature, with poems by Marty McConnell, Ben Clark, Colin Winnette.

Woof. It's no wonder I never leave my office, isn't it?