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Odds and Ends ... - Infante's Inferno

Jun. 30th, 2010

07:40 pm - Odds and Ends ...

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I've been inordinately tired lately, waking up hard and fairly exhausted by the end of the day. One suspects the weather is to blame -- pollen and humidity, two great tastes I'd banish to hell if I could.

Thus, once more in lieu of actual blogging, I offer silliness, gossip and conjecture. Or, as it's called in many cultures, "blogging."


Do you hate BP? Sure you do. Everyone hates BP. There's only one thing it's more fashionable to hate, and that's the vuvuzela. Which makes this bit uncovered by BoingBoing the BEST! THING! EVER!

Also, Edward Winkleman wants to know if you drove your SUV to that "Down with BP" rally. Notes Winkleman, sagely, "I've attended enough protests and rallies and debated issues with angry people enough times to know each and every one of us can justify our personal consumption and/or willing participation even as we wag our fingers at others who can probably rationalize theirs just as convincingly. The truth of the matter is that everyone (anywhere) reading this has oil on their hands. You'd have to live like a hermit without any electricity to truly be blameless in the amount of energy consumed with abandon globally (and yes, especially in the States)."


Brett Easton Ellis was really at his apex when I was in college, and he was one of a wave of contemporary authors who got me very excited about contemporary fiction (as opposed to poetry, or comic books.) Yes, yes. I hear the cries of self-indulgence already. Deal with it. Ellis is a riveting writer, and I think it's fair to say a lot of his prose style still influences my own otherwise dissimilar fiction. Reading UK brutalist writer Ben Myers' take on Ellis and pop culture has made a lot of that clear to me. It's also further driving me to work on the second Whitney Bierce story, which started percolating last night. (So why am I wasting time blogging again? Oh, yeah. Feeling tired and out of sorts.)

The Guardian also gives me a little present in the form of another old favorite, Thomas Carnacki, supernatural detective! Alan Moore has done this nearly lost gem a world of good by featuring him in the most recent versions of his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics. Fun, fun, fun, and a great character worth looking at amid all the Steampunk and pseudo-Victoriana running rampant.


There are two things loose in the culture right now which run rampant throughout the Internet and media: Doctor Who, which I follow, and Twilight, which I don't. On the Twilight front, I find myself amused that the newest Twilight iteration has Bela spouting Robert Frost, and McSweeney's hits a home run with, "OK, America: We're Turning Everything Into Vampires."

As to the good Doctor, I find the rumor that Steven Moffat has lost the script for the Christmas episode to be suspect, except that ... well ... that's why new issues of Warren Ellis' New Universal have been delayed, isn't it? As my wife is always imploring me, back up your hard drive! Which, err, I should do again, shouldn't I? Also in the rumor department, I disbelieve the rumor that Johnny Depp will be playing the Doctor in a Hollywood big-screen version of Doctor Who. It just pings false, all over.

On a personal note, I find this season I regret lending my voice to the campaign to bring back Jacob's Doctor Who recaps to Television Without Pity. I used to love them, but this season they seem to be lacking his previous sense of joy and nuance. Mostly, he just sounds cranky. We are particularly splitting on the Vincent Van Gogh episode, which I adored.


Not long ago, I caused a mild stir with a rumor that WoMag was editorless. There's still no official announcement, but it seems to no longer be the case. I hope it's not a temporary move, because Ms. Manning has done a bang-up job holding things together so far.